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I was born 1982 in Akureyri, the unofficial capital of north Iceland.

After spending a part of my childhood in Norway and later Reykjavik I now live in good old Akureyri. I am currently attending university, and my hobbies include swimming, reading, video games, exercising, and taking strolls on those four good days of summer we get each year.

I am on the autistic spectrum, and so am just eccentric enough to be a writer. Experimentation that began in 2004 has become the main passion of my life, and now I simply can't stop. My first fantasy novel, Lord of the Blind, debuted in Iceland in 2011 and I followed with one more a year until 2015, before deciding to try out the English-language market. I started by self-publishing The Call in 2015, and I've been going ever since.

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