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The Call


All her life sixteen-year-old Katja has been haunted by a strange certainty that she faces a lifetime of conflict. Her dreams foretell of monsters and terrible foes, and she hones combat skills as best she can in a peaceful village in Baldur's Coast despite not understanding who these foes are or what her purpose is.

After a demon straight from her nightmares descends on the village with terrible consequences, a strange woman with a young face and an ancient bearing arrives. The stranger promises both the answers and all the dangerous adventures her soul yearns for. With that Katja finally goes out into the wider world. Under the woman's tutelage she begins to hone her supernatural talents as well as her physical ones. But time is short. Old foes seek to step out of the shadows and seize power, and Katja's baptism of fire draws near . . .



A Clash of Shadows

Young Katja has survived her first skirmish in the Silent War, finally getting to satisfy her warrior nature. But now she has had a taste of adventure and grows restless for another one as her mentor Serdra continues her training in combat and their mystical gifts.


Katja's wish for further action is granted when a mysterious night-time clash sets a terrible demon loose in the world of mankind. Katja and her mentor travel to investigate and destroy the monster, as their nature demands.


Between stalking and being stalked by shadowy foes, Katja's ability to stand on her own is put to the test. And her excitement fades as the true cause of the conflict they have walked into becomes clear. A truly terrible threat to the world lies at the centre of it, and Katja's greatest battle yet awaits.


It is almost time. Katja has prevailed against warriors, curses, demons and revenants and is nearly fully trained as a Redcloak. She and her mentor Serdra have bloodied the Brotherhood of the Pit multiple times, and thwarted their grabs for power.


But now a new leader has risen within the secret order. One with a personal grudge against Katja, the terrible might of the sorcerers of yore, and no patience for the subtle games of the Silent War.


Katja and Serdra get separated, as an invading army bolstered by the Brotherhood's demonic sorcery marches on a city, bent on conquest. At last, to her great excitement and dread, Katja must stand on her own in the city's defence. The Brotherhood has brought back the old wars of magic and monsters, and so Katja must embrace her people's old role as legendary champions.


Beyond a storm of steel, blood and fire lies the purpose and glory Katja has longed for. And near-certain death.

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The War of the Usurper


The interstellar Realm of the Glorious Dawn has endured for eight centuries, providing stability and law in the wake of the Long Darkness. Now the assassination of King Tunus has plunged the Realm into civil war, and through the years eleven very different people get caught up in major events.

An ageing royal guard, an opportunistic rogue, an inscrutable mystic, an ambitious mercenary, a weary partisan fighter... all these and more find themselves in a spot where great events must turn on their actions.

As the Realm burns, young Princess Maraka, sole rightful heir to the throne, must weather tragedy, assassins, and the pressure of being a living lynchpin for the loyalist war effort. Before her lies a monumental task: Becoming more than a mere symbol. She must become the leader her battered subjects need.

Touched by Fire


23 years after the War of the Usurper the three great powers face off in an uneasy stalemate. An old space lane has reopened, offering great advantage to whoever claims it. Beyond it lies Lost Space, isolated from galactic societyf or centuries, chaotic, backwards, and host to many things thought lost to time.

Princess Serina of the Realm of the Glorious Dawn leaps at the chance to join a diplomatic mission into this mysterious region, away from her royal mother’s shadow and towards a legacy of her own.

But not all lost things are worth rediscovering, and an ancient enemy thought defeated strikes, leaving her stranded on a barbarous planet. Cut off from servants and bodyguards, Serina must seek out allies and dig deep for the strength to make it back home. With foes both mystical and mundane in pursuit, the princess indeed starts to lay out her legacy,and another of Lost Space’s hidden secrets may prove her only salvation.


Spreading Fire


Princess Serina, the first Knight of Luana to exist in centuries, has had a year to gain control over her new powers. But the frontier of Lost Space remains wild and dangerous, and her enemies have not been idle. A close brush with an assassin proves the servants of the Old Gods are seeking ways around her powers, and to quench her flame before it spreads.


Shaken but undaunted, Serina retaliates by calling upon Lori and Crint to peer into Lost Space’s underworld to unravel the attempt on her life. Meanwhile, accompanied by loyal but haunted bodyguard Keena, the princess delves into shadows of a different kind.


With war on the horizon and the Vozd priesthood reacting to Serina’s efforts, a new knighthood must rise.


Fires of Life



War is in the air. As the neighbouring Old Empire faces a succession crisis The Realm of the Glorious Dawn braces for assault from their traditional enemies.

Princess Serina has done what was thought impossible, and restored the Knights of Luana to the galaxy. But her fledgling order has little time to figure out their new powers before they must face The Old Empire’s secret weapon. The ancient priesthood of the Vozd has created a terrible champion, whose powers are now unleashed.

Serina’s mother, the legendary War Queen Maraka, spearheads the Realm’s response to Imperial aggression. The greatest space battle in decades looms, as Serina and her knights battle sorcery in the dark corners of the galaxy.

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The Severed Bond


Mentally enslaved by the otherworldly Bright Lords for three years, Irina is suddenly freed by old friends. Together they flee through the wilderness, hoping to make it to safety. On their heels are Irina’s fellow slaves, companions turned foes, intent on bringing her back into the fold. As Irina grapples with the chaos of free thoughts once again a shadowy threat gathers, and she is forced to face a monumental decision to survive it.

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The First Run



Seasoned freelancer Gaylen Qin finally has his own spaceship; the means to traverse the sea of stars with his own crew and pick his own jobs. There is just one problem:  In return for the ship he has to deliver a mysterious cargo into the wilder reaches of space. A cargo desired by mercenaries and gangs. Ahead of him lies a dangerous path of skulduggery and gunfire, and the myriad dangers of the galaxy's deep, dark corners.

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The Oath and the Keeper

Winds of war are blowing in the galaxy. And as much as Gaylen simply wants to mind his own business as a small-time freelancer chance lands a mysterious treasure in his lap; A treasure both sides of a vast conflict are desperate to get their hands on. The complications quickly stack up and soon enough he has pirates, black ops agents and a war to contend with.

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Four tales of adventure from the Sea of Stars Universe.

In “The Red Tower”, Gaylen Qin and his freighter crew return, in more trouble than they bargained for, as usual. A sudden calamity traps them in a skyscraper, with fifty floors of pure mayhem between them and safety.

In “What Comes Naturally”, the mystical warrior Saketa is on a vital mission on a war-ravaged planet. Complicating this is a girl who comes to her, pleading for protection. Saketa must apply all her power, skill and determination to not only finish the job, but keep both of them alive.

In “The Tukalla Tip”, an intrepid reporter follows whispers of corruption to a galactic humanitarian operation. Secrets and menace both hang in the air, and the story may cost him his life.

And in “The White Aster”, a young woman with a very dangerous secret tries to do good in the galaxy by battling human trafficking. She has the ability for it, but does she have the nerve? And does she dare risk her secret?

Four worlds across the star lanes, four very different people, and four crises to survive.

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The Long Hunt

The war for the galactic fringe is at a turning point.

A dark sorcerer is poised to tip it in the wrong direction.

And only Saketa can stop him.

She has hunted this ancestral enemy far and wide across the space lanes, and finally he is within reach. But her own mystical powers are diminished ever since an assault on her homeworld, and obsession is making her reckless.

Saketa has a cheap sword, a smidgen of power, and her two fists. Her foe has a fanatical cult, a network of allies, and dreadful magics. The long hunt will end in the fires of war.

The gaslit streets of Fluvi are in turmoil, and idealistic journalist Sam Todd does what he can to be a voice of reason. But the violence takes on a different character when strange murders and disappearances start occurring. And when Sam witnesses one of these himself, things get personal.

His research team includes a former soldier, a street kid, a thief, a disgraced aristocrat and a musician, and arrayed against them are people with dangerous connections, and a small army of street killers.

The further they dig, the darker things get. Beneath a civilised veneer, a depraved secret society is carrying out human sacrifices in the name of forgotten gods. Eight innocent people have mere days to live, and only Sam’s rag-tag team is in a position to do anything about it.

It has been a month since the Onyx Club’s murderous ritual was stopped. Now the depraved aristocrats are readying their next move. And their revenge.

The Ravens find themselves marked for death on Fluvi’s gaslit streets, hunted by professional killers, with no allies to turn to. In the midst of all this, Angela Thorn comes face-to-face with a horrifying family secret, and the dark power that comes with it. It may be the only weapon that will save the Ravens, but can she control it at all?

The Onyx Club is readying some new calamity: A different mystical rite that will breach the boundaries between life and death, and if the Ravens are to survive at all they must go on the offensive again.

The Cult of the Watcher is readying its masterstroke, and all of mankind will pay the price. The winter solstice draws nigh, and on that hour Wilford Winfield will tear down the veil between dimensions, letting in horrors mankind has no name for.

Once again, only the Ravens stand in the way. As Chad Sutton desperately searches for the mystical knowledge needed to even understand this battle, Angela Thorn pits her dark power against the cult. Both struggle to hold onto their sanity, and both wonder if they’ll even succeed.

Time is running out, for the Ravens, for mankind, for the world itself, and it will all be decided through sorcery, blood, and bullets.

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