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Katja has always understood that she is different somehow. Dreams of horror have haunted her entire young life, as has an urge for violence. Answers finally come in her sixteenth year, after a rampaging monster attacks her village, and a woman named Serdra approaches her, bearing explanations and an offer to train her. They are both the same; born warriors into a very old conflict for the world of mankind. A conflict that can't be won, but can be lost if they do not do they duty. Under her new mentor's guidance Katja seeks to finally find her place in the world, while battling both men and horrors from beyond.


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The interstellar Realm of the Glorious Dawn has endured for over eight hundred years, holding out against very old rivals on the galactic stage. But chaos erupts from within, as the royal couple is assassinated in the opening moments of the War of the Usurper.

But what starts as a fight of succession becomes a something more entirely as the servants of the Old Gods, thought destroyed by time, come out of the shadows. This is a battle for not cohesion and the rule of law, but the very soul of the Realm, and it falls on Maraka, sole rightful heir to the Golden Throne, to lead her people through these dark times.

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The Severed Bond

Mentally enslaved by the otherworldly Bright Lords for three years, Irina is suddenly freed by old friends. Together they flee through the wilderness, hoping to make it to safety. On their heels are Irina’s fellow slaves, companions turned foes, intent on bringing her back into the fold. As Irina grapples with the chaos of free thoughts once again a shadowy threat gathers, and she is forced to face a monumental decision to survive it.

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The Sea of Stars

Things are hard out on the Nearer Fringe of settled space, and seasoned freelancer Gaylen Qin is sick of having to answer to crime lords, gangsters and assorted psychopaths. He seizes upon the chance to finally get his own ship and crew, and there is only one issue: For his first run he has to make a mysterious delivery into the depths of space. A delivery that very dangerous people are hell-bent on taking for themselves.

With a new ship, an untested crew and an iron-hard determination to see things through, Gaylen sets off into the wilder reaches.

Days of the Watcher

The gaslit streets of Fluvi are in turmoil, and idealistic journalist Sam Todd does what he can to be a voice of reason. But the violence takes on a different character when strange murders and disappearances start occurring. And when Sam witnesses one of these himself, things get personal.

His research team includes a former soldier, a street kid, a thief, a disgraced aristocrat and a musician, and arrayed against them are people with dangerous connections, and a small army of street killers.

The further they dig, the darker things get. Beneath a civilised veneer, a depraved secret society is carrying out human sacrifices in the name of forgotten gods. Eight innocent people have mere days to live, and only Sam’s rag-tag team is in a position to do anything about it.

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